Developers and site reliability engineers understand the frustration caused by switching between different on-premise and cloud environments and waiting for connection approvals. Yet, with increasing pressure for speed, agility and security, how are these teams supposed to keep up?

Searching for security models that provide API integrations, and adapt to environmental changes without having to revisit existing applications. 

Improve Security and the User Experience

Join us as we explore the limitations of traditional network connectivity solutions for DevOps, compounded by movement between environments.

In this webinar, we discuss:  
  • Way to improve DevOps day-to-day operations productivity and developer experience for complex multi-account public cloud environments
  • Addressing common DevOps security challenges using the zero-trust model
  • Opportunities to reduce security complexity and improve the user experience while saving money and resources.
  • Kurt Glazemakers, CTO at Cyxtera
  • Chris Steffen, CISSP, CISA – Technical Director for Cyxtera